Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Feminine Differential - Body Image

I attempt to present myself as a woman of a certain age with dignity a good fashion sense.  My body image in far from ideal and I struggle.  Presentation is not easy when there is self doubt. Combine that with fashion inexperience then fear develops quickly.  

We all know that teens experiment with fashion and sometime it works and sometimes not. Many of us have what is best described as belated development and we come late to the fashion experimentation stage.   In a way that explains 5" heels at the mall on Saturday afternoon.  It is not that they don't look sexy but out of place.  Teens many times when they start with makeup go overboard, not realizing that less is better - natural. 

Without a question I have been there.  My closet is littered with over the top feminine outfits.  Maybe I was attempting to overcompensate? You think!  

I still catch myself trying-on tops and skirts that are not age appropriate.   I put together a post recently on  "Fashion for Grown-Ups" and discussed looks that can just be a little, "Too-Trendy".  

Dressing now is almost the opposite problem.  I very much enjoy my femininity, but I do not want to look frumpy or look like my grandmother.  My goal is modern, elegant, and chic - the delegate balance. 

Working as Rhonda and being out socially I have learned by observation. People watching is so much fun.  The biggest sourced for great fashion advice I have found recently is blogs that addresses fashion and my age group. Listed in my Favorite sites is "Fifty Not Frumpy" and Susan has been a great source for dressing and really looking put together.  Her blog is so worth following.  

That bring me to the photo above.  I love the look! Casual, young, fun and put together. It is from the blog "Haute Business Fashion and Finance". Helen describes her blog the way -  "Haute Business is a place for women to share both fashion and finance."  Yesterday's post on body image was outstanding. Here is great quote from yesterday's Blog:

When was the last time you met a woman who said she was perfectly happy with her body?  It’s a bit like looking for a unicorn.  If you’re that woman, congratulations.  If you have a good body image, you’re certainly in rare air.  Even Bo Derek,who starred as Dudley Moore’s idea of the perfect woman in the 70s hit movie “10” rated herself somewhere around a 7 or 8.  Seriously!  If she feels that way, where does that leave us?

For instance, working to look your best can be perceived as vanity.  I see it differently.   It’s placing a value on yourself, not just physically, but emotionally as well.  It’s about loving yourself enough to take care of yourself, inside and out....

In today’s society where looks continue to be a driving force to success, striving for that ever-elusive ideal becomes a consuming obsession.

Body image is something we all deal with, some more successfully than others, but we can all learn from each other.
One last photo of Helen.  Wow does she look great. Here is another link, Fabulous after 40, that offers advice for those of us that want to look stylish at our age.  This post includes an interview with Helen and has a heading of "No Old Lady Clothes for Haute Business!".  Enjoy!

 Haute Business Fashion
 and Finance


  1. Today's post, especially the second photo of Helen, made me feel good about my 65-year-old fashion sense! See what I mean here.

  2. Hi Stana, You always have a good fashion sense!