Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Gray is the New Blonde

Carmen Dell'Orefice

Embrace Your Silver Hair— It's Unique!

How we resist our natural gray locks. We moan and groan about the silver hairs which peep through the glossy brunette (or red or blond or whatever our natural hair color is) as a sign of encroaching maturity, a reminder that we all, if we're lucky, eventually succumb to old age. Most of us panic and reach for the dye. We go for streaks and tints, anything to disguise those nasty betraying grays.

Never mind all that. You need to know that gray is now THE color to have. Celebrities are even going out of their way to embrace silver. Baby boomers continue to have it all our own way. We are not prepared to fake any longer. We will celebrate middle-age. We will make grey the new blonde. We will make YOU want to be gray.


From the Fabulous after Forty Blog here are some Tips:  

  • Start with a sheer to medium foundation and a dab of powder. As your hair grays so does your skin. It becomes pale, spotty and uneven, so you need foundation to create a smooth base.
  • A good under eye concealer is a must for women with gray hair
  • Make sure eyebrows are well-defined with a light pencil. Don’t use black. It’s too harsh.
  • Keep blush very soft and subtle. Just a sweep of color, otherwise you’ll look old and hard.
  • Lipstick is key to adding life to your face. The best shades are soft pinks, roses, and peaches. Stay away from anything that screams bright, or anything that is too dark.
  • Also avoid brown/neutral shades which are too dull and muddy.
  • Eyeshadow -I love make-up artist Bobbi Brown’s advice on this. She says: “I recommend grays, slates, and white for the eyes, which offer a sleek and sexy look without too much drama.” I’ve found that very soft pink can also work well with gray eyeshadow.

There is a wonderful book written by my friend Diana Jewel

you should check out called  Going Gray Looking Great. It covers everything to do with style and beauty for gray-haired women or us.  

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  1. I started going gray early...back during the Reagan years. I am happy that I still have much of my hair and when I retire I think I may try to grow it out and join you with a gray hair style that can go both ways.