Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Remember The Alamo - Part 3

Lunch At Casa Rio
This is several additional photos and random thoughts from my resent trip to San Antonio.  I flew in wearing white pull-on jeans and the top shown to the right.  Not exactly "Flying Pretty" but I have learned there is a lot to be said for practically when going from gate to gate in the Atlanta Airport - You never know how far the distance.  I am certainly up for the challenge but commons sense rules when Delta/ATL connections are involved.  

That is also true when walking around in the summer heat outside.  Once I checked into my hotel I changed into shorts and headed out.    I remembered River Walk from a previous visit, over 20 years ago, however enjoyed experiencing the architecture again.  This was government money well spent putting America back to work during the "Great Depression". To bad the same was not done during the "Great Recession" and we would have something to see for the billions spent.  So I guess still having banks is a good thing?  We still benefit from the projects of the 1930's in our national parks and so many other worthwhile destinations. 

TSA has never given me any problems.  About 50% of the time I get Pre-Check and breeze through not even taking my shoes off. One funny experience was in Chicago's O'harea a few months back.  I presented my passport along with my ticket and the TSA agent without looking too closely said "Honey, you and your husband have your identifications mixed up".  I just laughed, said "it is me". Not the best gamma but explains the situation in the least amount of words.   After a big smile came across her face and I told her she had made my day.  She laughed too and said she was sorry and was experiencing a long day.  She told me I looked great.  I did enjoy the complement in spite of my long day also.

Do not let TSA deter you for escaping.  They seem to be well trained and do not want to hold up the lines any more than we want to wait.  Attitudes have changed and I am sure they have seen it all, by now. 

I had three days of business meeting in San Antonio and overall enjoyed the whole trip.  I have made many similar trips and getting out as Rhonda is always a fun challenge and add excitement.  San Antonio was a good destination.  Plan your escape.  

Casa Rio a little later in day

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  1. The difference is that much of the money spend during the depression was spent on work projects. The Obama stimulus was a huge amount of money that went to cronies like Solyndra and other contributors and he got very little bang for the tax payer dollars. It was just rubbing salt in the wound when Obama and Biden joked a few years later that there were not shovel ready jobs and that it was all a big scam. First president since they started keeping stats that had not one single quarter that hit 3% growth. Criminal how the debt is blowing past $20 Trillion.

    The beach houses on Jones beach and at some places down the Jersey Shore are still standing from the work done during the depression.