Monday, August 8, 2016

Remember The Alamo

Last week I was in San Antonio, Texas for business. I was very fortunate to stay in the historic downtown, River Walk area which is incredibly beautiful. Something of a tourist destination but tastefully well done with restaurants, shops, boat rides, and much to do.  My hotel was actually on the River Walk and I could just walk out of my hotel and be right there.  

Part of the Downtown/River Walk historical ares is the Alamo. Many of us remember it from the "Davy Crockett", early Disney era. The Alamo has real significance to Texas history and America's expansion west.  The evening Alamo photo to the left was taken about 9:30 pm. It was a very busy summer evening, and still quite hot.  There was a father taking photos of his family so I ask him to take my photo by the Alamo entrance.   It was to hot an evening to think about anything but shorts and comfortable shoes were in order.   I blended in well with all of the other tourist.  

Earlier in the day I had a late lunch at Casa Rio, one of the older restaurants on Rive Walk. In spit of the afternoon heat I had a wonderful meal sitting outside and watching the boats go by. The photo below was taken a little earlier in the day when it was not so crowded.  I used a photo enhancing program to make the photo to appear to be a watercolor rendering.  I like the look.  The Alamo is located up the stairs, in the background, and a very short half block away. Hotels and restaurants line River Walk.   


I will write more with photos later this week about the trip.  

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