Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Be Nice

Windham Small Kade Drawstring

Whenever I am out I make an effort to engage.  There are several obvious reason.  One is to be an ambassador. Simple - The more people that get to know us the more likely they are to accept us.  Once a person talks to us, see us as customer, and see us as real, prejudices melt away.

Another reason is that it make good business sense.  We are consumers and they are providers.  A mutually friendly relationship benefits us both. When will car dealers learn that? Sorry, that is another subject.   

My first ever "upscale" purchased for Rhonda was a Dooney leather purse. It was a first time treat and I still have it. Over thirty year later it still looks good and there is something to be said for purchasing timeless quality.  At that time I was so proud that I had the courage to enter a major department store and make a purchase as Rhonda.  

A few week back in Dallas I had a wonderful conversation with Andrea at the Dallas Galleria, Dooney and Bourke store.  Andrea and I talked for a while, like old girlfriends talking about our purse obsession and after a few minutes she shared that the purse I was lusting after, would likely be on sale over the weekend.  Unfortunately I was leaving Dallas Thursday.  She said give me a call and see what I can do.  I did not think much about it knowing that I could likely get the sale on-line.

The online price was not near as good Andrea had alluded to , so I called and was told by another associate they absolutely would not ship a sale item. Just to be sure that this policy was firm, I called back several days later and got Andrea.  She said, "sure honey for you, I will be happy ship it".  

When out and about take the time to make friends.  I saved over a $100.00 dollars.  But making a friend - Priceless.  

Oh, one more reason - It is the right thing to do!

Any similar experiences - Share.......

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  1. I have found it easier and easier to be friendly with sales people and they always remember you for being so nice and are eager to banter. Good for you!