Friday, August 26, 2016

Feminine Differential - Casual Shopping

My Afternoon Shopping Trip 

I found a fascinating article (very scientific) that studied the differences in how men and women shop.  I have made no secret that I love to shop. However I do see a difference in how I shop bases on how I present.  Maybe It is just that I give myself permission to indulge and be in the moment as opposed to type “A” – the let's get it done approach. 

Last afternoon I had about an hour to kill before going to an art gallery opening so stopped by the mall.  I purchased the two tops in the fashion layout at Chicos and tried on many more.  I did not plan on any purchases beforehand and was just looking.  In all, I am very pleased with my purchases, 30% off, and both go well with items I already have, shown. 

As I was doing the layout I started to wonder if there were any studies that address the “feminine differential” on how men/women shop.  Silly me - of course there is.  I have included one paragraph so if interested chick the link and read.    FYI - I shop because I love it.  

Previous research has discussed two type of shopping motives: Utilitarian and hedonic  shopping. Utilitarian shopping involves “some type of conscious pursuit of an intended consequence” and hedonic  shopping relates to intrinsic and emotional response.  In other words the two shopping motives reflect the distinctions between the “shopping to get something” as opposed to the “shopping because you love it”.  Men’s motives for shopping appear to be utilitarian whereas woman’s shopping motives tend to be more hedonic.  Women are more likely than men to shop for enjoyment and information gathering rather than purchasing.  

How about you - Why do you shop and with what motive?  

Gallery Opening Night 

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