Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Remember The Alamo - Part 2

San Antonio - August 2016

These are photos taken my last evening in San Antonio.  See yesterday's post for additional photos.   The restaurant in the top right is where I had dinner two nights, eating outside and enjoying the river view.  After dinner it was finally cooling off and a walk seemed in order as it was starting to get dark.  The lower left photo is River Walk after dark as well as the upper left photo.  A little later that evening I went down to my hotel bar for a glass of wine. 

On the business side, I had a successful trip and very much enjoyed San Antonio's River Walk.  Although not my first visit to San Antonio, this one was memorable as a Rhonda adventure/escape.

Tell us about your adventures/escapes.........


  1. About 20 years ago I had several days of business in San Antonio. It is a great city and the Riverwalk is special. When I retire I hope to have time to see the country and I hope to get back to San Antonio. I remember the Alamo and I also remember the great Tex/Mex food. Finally I remember a dive on the Riverwalk known as Dirty Dick's. A particular memory for this CD was the hundred's of bras of every size, shape and color that hung from the ceiling.