Friday, August 12, 2016

Feminine Differential - Team Shopping

Friend's Friday 

Photo Source: My Woman Stuff
Do you shop alone or with someone? I know sounds a little personal. I am an independent person and much of my shopping is done alone, either on trips or excursion to the mall to just see what is new. I love to shop so will make an opportunity whenever I can. I do not have many memories of my mother (long story) but I do recall she loved shopping, especially for shoes. So I come by my shoe addiction naturally.   

I have a great shopping story - I was out of town about 20 years ago over a weekend and wanted to get out, have lunch and go the mall. I called a girl friend to see if she wanted to go and to my surprise she said, sure. So off we went, shopping first. This was kind of a first - In girl mode with a friend doing the ultimate girls thing. 

So there is not a misunderstanding, the person I will call Ann is a real girl and we were just friends. She enjoyed Rhonda's company and I likewise.  

At a large upscale department store, we looked, played, laughed and were really having fun. Our sales person commented about how cute we both were. The sales girl suggested a beautiful dress and said she would start a room so I could try it on. After I picked several more items and told her I was ready to give them all a try.  She told me my room was the last door on the left with the dress hanging on the door.  Ann had also seen several items she liked and our sales girl had taken them away as well.  

As I went in to my rather large changing room I noticed Ann's stuff was hung in that room also. Ann had followed me back and was looking for her items in another room.  It was about this time we both realize we were both set up in the same room. As soon as the shock wore off, we both giggled, undressed and started trying on all of our combined items.  

Ann stepping out of a beautiful dress, wearing only panties and a bra, handed it over to me, wearing only panties and bra, saying "You try this - I think it will look better on you".  And it did.  

A few minute later the sale girl opened the door, and said "you girls are having way too much fun; Do you need anything?"    

I never realize that this is the way two girls shop. After paying for our respective items we went to the department store cafe and giggled more. Ann's comment "didn't you know that was going to happen?" 

"No - that was not my plan - but it sure was fun." was my answer.  What an enjoyable afternoon - Just two girls shopping.    

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