Monday, May 13, 2024

10 Essential Fashion Tips French Women Swear By

My Note: In my book the French invented style. The 10 suggestion are essentials to looking elegant and chic. I am going to list my favorite and encourage you read all 10.


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10. It’s all about the attitude

French style is not just about how you dress but is mainly an attitude. Pay attention to your posture, and your expressions, speak with elegance, act in an elegant manner and be confident. It is all about the way you mix clothes and how you move, how you open your bag, how you cross your legs —just little things that make a difference. Prefer to emphasize attitude over clothing to favor minimalist basics.

Don’t try too hard to look sophisticated —and if you do, just pretend like you’re not paying attention. Indeed, French women don’t look like they’re trying too hard and don’t change much with the seasons —see for example what French style looks like on vacation. And even for dinners —or at the French Riviera— French women don’t really dress up —everything is very discreet, except for nonchalant touches, say a nice Chanel bag or a pair of Roger Vivier. I promise, you don’t need much to feel and look good, and at any age!

In the end, the clothing you wear is meant to spotlight the talented, intelligent, fun, and curious woman you are. Don’t make your clothing the conversation piece, do not hide behind your clothes. Instead, choose clothes regardless of the designer and elevates your confidence. Stick to what works and let go of what doesn’t. And above all, dress for yourself.

Et voilà! I hope these ten French-style tips will help you to look the best you ever have! 

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