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Feminine Differential - Denim Pencil Skirt

13 Different Ways to Wear a Denim Pencil Skirt

by Zeina Tawfik 6/22/15

Bored of your jeans? Well, worry no more, because the denim pencil skirt is officially taking over. I'll share with you 13 different ways to wear denim pencil skirts, to give you outfit ideas and inspire your daily looks. Ditch your jeans for the denim pencil skirt, and trust me on this, it's just as versatile.

My Note: I know a skirt is always an obvious feminine differential but it always provides a lift and fun look; dress it up or down. The most number of skirts in my closet are denim. Can a girl have too many from mini to maxi? I love the look. The site Fustany has some great suggestions.  See all 13.  Enjoy.

Also, there's a denim pencil skirt out there for everyone. There are distressed denim pencil skirts, polished denim pencil skirts in a dark wash, and denim pencil skirts with front slits. Now let's move to the different ways you can wear your denim pencil skirt. Go for a classic look with a tucked-in shirt, or explore new styles by layering on your favorite statement t-shirt and leather jacket.

Follow this link and check out all 13 different ways to wear a denim pencil skirt.

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  1. Denim skirts are also my first choice as everyday outfit. I like the fabric which is fine for most tasks in the household. And nowaday you can have them in so many different styles and lengths that it never looks boring or wearisome. Thanks for sharing <3