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I Love A Success Story - Nikkie de Jager

Nikkie de Jager

My note: Be sure to watch Nikkie's heart warming story "I'm Coming Out".

From Wikipedia: Nikkie de Jager (Dutch pronunciation: [ˈnɪki də ˈjaːɣər]; born 2 March 1994), better known by her YouTube channel name NikkieTutorials, is a Dutch makeup artist and beauty vlogger. She gained online popularity in 2015 after her YouTube video "The Power of Makeup" became popular and inspired many other videos of people showing their faces with and without makeup As of January 2022, her YouTube channel has 13.9 million subscribers and over 1.5 billion video views.

De Jager first began uploading videos to YouTube in 2008, at the age of 14, after watching MTV's The Hills while sick and being inspired by Lauren Conrad's makeup. She then began searching YouTube for tutorials to recreate the look, and was inspired to begin creating her own. After uploading videos for about two years, she enrolled in makeup coursework at B Academy in Amsterdam. She then signed to Colourfool Agency in 2011, and began working as a professional makeup artist.

In the autumn of 2013, she became the head makeup artist for the RTL 5 show I Can Make You a Supermodel with Paul Fisher. De Jager left Colourfool Agency at the beginning of 2014 to work as a freelance hair and makeup artist.

Forbes magazine named De Jager one of the top ten beauty "influencers" in 2017. In 2017, she also won the award for "YouTube Guru" at the Shorty Awards and the award for "Choice Fashion/Beauty Web Star" at the Teen Choice Awards.

In 2017, De Jager uploaded a video reviewing a foundation produced by a Prague-based cosmetics brand and spoke about the company using her image, specifically a screenshot from her "The Power of Makeup" video, to sell their products on social media without her permission. She expressed disappointment in the company's actions, feeling they had lied to their followers as she was not wearing any of their products in the photo of her they had used to promote their company.

On 13 January 2020, De Jager uploaded a video to her YouTube channel, titled "I'm Coming Out", in which she revealed that she is transgender and that she had been blackmailed by someone who threatened to make her assigned sex at birth public. She underwent her transition in her childhood and teen.

I'm Coming Out

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