Monday, May 27, 2024

This Memorial Day, Remember


It is not a day about car sales, furniture sales, or mattress sales. It is to remember those who gave their lives so that our freedoms are guaranteed. This year, consider how important your vote will be. It will be what perpetuates the freedoms that others before gave their life to defend.  

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  1. The effective date of the 26th amendment was July 1, 1971 which meant the first presidential election an eighteen year old could cast a ballot was 1972. I was an infantryman in Vietnam. When I read young adults say they do not intend to vote for president in 2024, it makes me ill. Peruse the Vietnam War Memorial and look at the ages of the men who died in Vietnam and whether they had the opportunity to cast a ballot. Too many, if not the majority died without having any vote in the fate. You honor those men and women by participating and not sitting the election out.