Monday, May 6, 2024

My Androgynous Look


I have been ask by several how to pull off an "Androgynous Look"? There is very thin margin these days with more and women stealing for the men's-wear side of the closet. So, turnaround is fair play. 

I discuss in many post what can constitute a "feminine differential", With that I am looking to display is an edge to the feminine, with just a little subtle "I might be trans" visibility. Enough to create a question. 

Dressing androgynous at first and adding an item with a feminine differential is a great way to build confidence.  "No one seem to notice my yesterday's girl cut jeans, so what next?"  

Many times there are days when I do not have time for over-thinking. My long white hair, drawn into a high ponytail speaks volumes and gets a "Welcome Ma'am", more times than not. When out with civilian friends, it is sometime a little embarrassing; especially when my effort is an attempt to be just my androgynous self. I am amazed every time a door is opened for me with a smile. Like my grand mother always said, "You made that bed, so now go sleep in it".  Oh well.  

I have several of the blue cambric shirts as shown above, with cambric shirts being different from denim. Collared, it is a softer, tighter weave most of the time with a fresh, breathable, and absorbent cloth. I love the look and my Talbots cambric shirt has a sleeve with tabs holding the rollup. 

It is easy to see that the left side of the illustration is, although androgynous, a bit more feminine. As always the shoes tip the scale.

Fashion is so much fun. Do not get stuck in the crossdressing trap of always being a caricature of our dear mothers from the 50's. Study Pinterest, fashion blogs and people-watch for the latest looks.  Be a modern woman when you can and androgynous otherwise. 

It is the visibility that counts! 


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