Tuesday, May 28, 2024

I Am Not A Walmart Shopper


I have a baseless fear of going into Walmart.  My only foray there is to pick up 5 Qts of Mobil 1 Oil. Walmart have the cheapest prices anywhere on that product and places it at the farthest corner of the store imaginable. Why, so you have to walk through the whole store to find it. The fear is that during my trek back, my photo will be taken and someday appear on the "People of Walmart" site.   

The People of Walmart

Please let us not add to civilians being able to point us out and make fun. We have to much at stake.  If you are all-dressed-up and need some where to go, please, not Walmart.  Enough said. 

The pick in the above fashion layout is from Walmart.  It was brought to me through Pinterest, so no store entry was required. I am safe until I need more Mobil 1. The top is:

Pxevl Plaid Basic Tops for Women Casual Summer Slimming Fit Tight Crewneck 3/4 Sleeve Curvy Hem Layering and at $9.89 worth trying. 

I think it will look good with jeans or shorts.  I like the asymmetrical neckline.  Another "Feminine Differential".

If Walmart is you go-to store, and for many it is, please do not be offended. Just know that everyone carries a "camera" these days. 



  1. I don't blame you for avoiding Walmart. People on the "Walmartian" websites (People of Walmart being one of them) are usually those who have such awkwardly bad taste in everything.

    For the most part in my area, I don't see many "Walmartians" that deserve to be on these websites. And it's just as well. I can only imagine what has to be going on in their lives to not care about how they present themselves to the world.

    Am I prejudiced? It's hard for me to accept some of the strangest things I have seen on these sites, as they are uncomfortable reminders that it takes all types - and, boy, these people are at the extremes of "all"!

  2. Rhonda, I'm sure that you would never be featured in "People of Walmart." One would have to get up oily in the morning to catch me in there, too! :)

  3. Some would say that transgender is extreme. You want people to accept us for who we are but you don’t want to accept them the way they are….hmmmm

  4. The other day I was in Walmart and shocked to see they now carry name brand Levi's jeans and other clothes I consider classy. Even with the inventory being 'stepped up,' they still have the clientele that sometimes wears bonnets, pajamas, and other things that don't quite seem like what I would personally wear in public. I think you're safe from Walmart pictures because you have a good eye for fashion and have a pleasant appearance!