Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Girl Crush

Little Big Town - Concert Portland 11/14

I have a "Girl Crush" - Yes the CMA song of the year.   Wow do I love that song.  While in Portland, just by chance, the county group "Little Big Town was playing the Keller Auditorium - The "Pain Killer" tour.  It was one of the best concerts I have attended in years.  Completely sold out, loud music, soulful music and fantastic staging. What a great time and like being a teen again.  It is never too late for a happy childhood.   

There is much controversy about this song and the official narrative seems to describe something that is not "totally obvious".  After a few listening, it is plausible.   But Rhonda likes to fantasize.  


  1. I like it too. I have never heard of Little Big Town before but I think I will explore there music. Thanks.

  2. Should be "their music" not "there music". Sorry I didn't edit better.