Monday, November 30, 2015


 VANIQA® is an FDA-approved prescription cream clinically proven to reduce the growth of unwanted facial hair in women. VANIQA® has only been studied on the face and adjacent involved areas under the chin of affected individuals. Usage should be limited to these areas of involvement.
This is not a complete endorsement but something if you can afford, try. Yes - The simple answer to does it work.  It works slowly.  I have been using the cream for over a year and see a significant decrease in beard grown in the a treated area.  Here are my advantages and disadvantages found over the last year.

I have always had a very heavy beard and found being out more than 8 hour was problematic. Imagine Homer Simpson 5 O’clock shadow occurring mid-day.   I had some laser work about 15 years ago, that resulted in some reduction of black hairs only.  At the time I was about 50/50 white/ black.  The pain was incredible so only had several treatments with results that did not justify the pain level.   So then back to shaving twice, if all day as Rhonda was required.

Today with VANIQA, I do not shave the area above my lip or area below, almost down to the chin.  The beard is not completely gone, but the
noticeable black tough hairs are and what is left is white and wispy - easily plucked twice a week.  Here are my results and suggestions – you mileage may vary.

  • Progress is slow requiring a twice a day application.
  • It has taken me one year to see meaningful results. 
  • The product is expensive - $146.00 from Walgreens for a 45 gram tube.  There is a $35.00 rebate available.
  • If you follow the directions a tube it will not last long, although I have manage to use only enough to cover the area I wanted to treat and have made a tube last one year.  Maybe had I used more I could have receive faster results but my aim was to get results at a cost justifiable pace. 
  • I am at a point now where I use it once a day, before bed. 
  • My application routine is to wash the area first and then expholiate the area.  I then apply a very small amount, just enough to cover the area with a thin layer, rub in  and let dry. There is a very slight burning/warm sensation that goes away quickly.  Important -Then wash you hand.  I did major damage to a finger nail tip by not washing it off. 
  • Not a permanent solution.  The instruction state - "Clinical studies show if you stop using VANIQA, in about 8 weeks hair will return to the same condition as before beginning treatment."  This I cannot verify because I have been using it regularly for one year.  
  • The other disadvantage is it prescription cream and can be only gotten from a dermatologist or facial medical doctor.  It is not over the counter. Over the counter product are not proven to work.  I have seen VANIQA at online (out of the country) pharmacies - A little cost savings but not much.
  • I did have some acne and in-grown hair side effects at first, but my exfoliating routine bough this under control. 
  • The biggest disadvantage is cost.  In my case prohibitive for the whole, face but I did treat my most offensive area, with acceptable and justifiable results. 

Please write or comment if there are questions. 


  1. Very interesting, Rhonda. I was not aware of this cream and will be looking into it.

    I featured this post on T-Central.


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