Thursday, November 12, 2015

The Nike Approach

I stopped wearing a wig about 6 years ago. Up until then, hair was just part of the getting dresses process.  Also removing the hair was the point that broke the image – the tipping point between male and female.  This was about the time that I started volunteering as Rhonda and full time work came shortly thereafter.  Wearing the wig every day and in the almost year round heat of Florida, drove me to rethink my options.  

Up to that point, I had never given much thought to my hair.  It started graying at 20, and it had consistently stayed thick.  I just expected it to thin or fall out like most of my male friends, but it never did either. Blessed with good genes I guess.  During a regular haircut my hairdresser noticed that the wig was starting to do, not so nice things to my real hair.  Her suggestion “let’s see what we can do". 

After much study on Google image, and looking at magazines we found a style I could work both ways.  Since starting the process, whatever dark I had left, naturally disappeared. I am about 100% white today and utilize special shampoos and rinse to enhance the white.  

What a difference.  As Rhonda, women come up to me in the mall to talk about hair.  Do you know you look like _______? (fill in the blank) I have been hit on and chatted up more since my bold move than I ever was before.  I told my hairdresser this and we wondered why?  This is some of the reasons we came up with:

I stand out;

I am bold;

I exude confidence;

I am being (more) honest;

I look like fun and laugh a lot;

Sometimes it is disconcerting to catch men and women staring at me! 

And because I can no longer go out to just blend in, I make more of an effort to look my best and smile.  

I use my smile to say, I have nothing to hide!  Well almost nothing. I am completely convinced that it is 75% attitude 25% look.  Give it a try.

 Nike said it best!