Monday, February 15, 2016

Before/After - Atlanta Weekend

February 1994
 We appear to like each other

My last two post described a fun weekend in Atlanta from 1994.  There was a dinner Friday night, a Saturday evening play at the Fabulous Fox Theater, an after party where we joined a wedding reception and a country club brunch Sunday. A near perfect birthday weekend.  After the brunch, "Cinderella" had to put aside her girl cloths for the flight home, so I returned to the brunch awaiting the airport shuttle.  It was there I gave in to the after photo.

I am happy I did and have a near perfect before/after pose.  Enjoy - It has been a short 22 years since that photo was taken.  To those just starting out – take as may photos as you can, selfies, group photos and event photos.  It is fun to look back.

Any questions on the photo or technique/software I used please comment. 

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