Monday, February 8, 2016

Wedgie Fit Jeans

Wedgie Fit Jeans

My Palm Beach Post: A new Levi's design called Wedgie Fit Jeans promises to positively highlight womens' curves.  According to the clothing company's Instagram account, the Wedgie gives wearers 'the vintage look (they) love, tailored to show off (their) best assets.'

The cotton jeans stretch and lift essential parts of the woman's shape, producing what looks slightly like a wedgie.Senior vice president of Levi's Global Design Jonathan Cheung told Mashable that the cut of the jeans features vintage elements like a button fly instead of a zipper worked into a contemporary style for fans of the original Levi's 501 jeans.

"What's great about the vintage 505 is this flatness at the front that holds your tummy in, and they are a little tight around the back," Cheung said.

One reviewer wrote: These jeans do exactly what they say they will do - give you a seriously great looking behind! Love the 90's style fit, and really really flattering to the waist, behind and hips. Like looking through vintage stores forever to find that perfect vintage fit. Heard about the wedgie fit from The Zoe Report and these truly are sexy and flattering!


I just wish they would look that good on me. If you try these let us know how they fit.

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