Thursday, February 4, 2016

Discovering What Works

The photos above are some of my early attempts.  I had no clue what would look good on me, although I felt I had a good fashion sense.  I was not considering that an outfit might look good on a hanger or in a store, but not look good on me.  Good example - that middle sack dress - Awful!

Now days we call it a selfie.  What I did have going for me was a friend that was a professional photographer.  He wanted to learn computers and I need to see myself modeling what I considered "a look".  We worked together and I ended up with a good portfolio of photos that I value today.  

What I noticed as I was collecting the photos for this post is how I covered everything.  Hair concealed most of the face, long sleeves the arms, neck line high and there were at least three layers of pantyhose.  I don't miss those days.    

The photos above are some of the misses. Feel free to share some of your first first attempts.  We will be kind - we are all family.


  1. Considering the vintage I would not consider the top or bottom outfits misses. You look quite nice in them and they were fine styles for the time period. The sack dress in the middle may have needed a quick run over to Goodwill.

  2. HI Pat,

    Thanks for the kind comment. Yes for the time period a reasonable attempt. Once I saw the photo of dress #2 I think Goodwill would have said "Thanks but no thanks." But it looked so nice in the store?

  3. Rhonda, IMO, the 2 skirt/blouse outfits are absolutely not misses. They are gorgeous! I say this as that generally is how I dress. I prefer long sleeves and a closed neck. Your look here is what I would call "conservative elegant feminine." It is a pretty look. I don't think those types of looks are ever out of style. I don't think ladies always have to show "their goods" and so much skin. Think of yourself as a well wrapped gift! =)

    -Christina Cross