Saturday, February 13, 2016

Fox Theater Atlanta - After Party

Yesterday I wrote about my weekend in Atlanta attending a play at the Fabulous Fox Theater.  Not wanting the evening to end a larger group went to a close by hotel lounge.  There to our surprise was a bride and groom, with their wedding party, continuing the evening also. 

We fell right into the party, with many questions and we were with a group equally as dressed-up.  What ensued was right out of a transgender fiction story.  (Of course, you have never read any of those).  The wedding party included a US Marine in full dress uniform who had just graduated basic training.  My best guess, possibly the brother of the bride.  What a beautiful uniform he had including the regulation military buzz cut.  It was not long before he announced to all, “I can do this” and disappeared with his girlfriend.  A few minutes later, he reappeared wearing his girlfriend’s dress and heels; a beautiful look other than the short hair.  The party continued.   Yes, there is a photo, but that one I would not post without permission. 

It was late into night before we completed our evening.  We made friends that evening and had so much fun.  

Note to younger self:  Make memories. Make friends.  Be yourself.  Do things. Why wait!

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