Thursday, February 25, 2016

What to Wear

Monday evening I attended a memorial cocktail reception for a good friend.  It was a celebration of his life and a look back at all the joy his music had brought - Held at an elegant performance venue at a Colony Hotel, Palm Beach.   I knew many people there, having a shared connection to the venue, his music and other piano/jazz artist.  I provided many photographs taken at events where Norm had performed and set up an extra-large tablet, playing a video.

As the evening wound down, I concluded that this was an event that Norm would have enjoyed and would have been the center of attention playing from the wonderful "American Song Book".  



The more I get out attending “life” events the more I am faced with what with the age old female quandary, ”what to wear?”  This was always an easy decision when I was attending conventions, support group events or even work.  But this evening not so.   I knew black would be suitable or proper in the circumstances but opted for more color, but still dressy.  It was a spring like evening in Palm Beach so I dressed accordingly.  I think what I chose worked for the evening and group.

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