Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Question and Help

Today I have my follow-up visit with a new doctor.  I am not a person that runs off to the doctor for trivial or even short-term necessities.  Having never been really sick I just deal with anything that comes along, consult was a family member that is a doctor and get antibiotics as needed.  There was a cancer scare about 10 years ago but after CAT/PET that proved negative I returned to my health “no  worry” manner. 

January 1st I changed medical insurance carriers so have available new medical wellness options.  It is these I have decided to take advantage thinking it is likely better to know than not. Again, I do not anticipate any issues. 

So my question to you – To what degree do I discuss being transgender?  A mammogram would be in order, as well monitored HRT.  Today's visit is a private consultation to review the results of several basic wellness checks performed over that last two weeks. This will be my opportunity.  The new Doctor, about my age, seemed to have a good personality and social. 

There are obvious indicators as to my transgender nature, like unusual tan lines, development and my hair.  Therefore, my question - do I openly discuss or leave this to a future conversation, "if needed"?  What have you done and how did it work?  Please help.  I will post on my decision later and share the outcome. 

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Thank you. 


  1. Dearest Rhonda

    If this is truly the best doctor for you then this doctor needs to be treating the real you in all your glory... I would tell all and rate the results in terms of "is this person really here to help ME.

    Hugs Dee in Ohio

  2. Hello Rhonda,

    It took years for me to work up the courage to tell my PCP. Every year I would go for my yearly physical and he would rattle off the doctors I had seen in the last year for various things-primarily my urologist for prostate issues. At the end of the list every year, he would say, anyone else? And I would cowardly say no even though I have been seeing a psychologist for years for my gender issues-in fact I had seen her the night you and I had dinner in Portland. I think my tans issues are a big deal, and could potentially be the core of other issues-like my weight.

    So this year, when I got the any one else question, I said "yes, I have been seeing a psychologist." "For what?" "Well, I am transgender." He took a big breath, sat down slowly, and said "Wow, that must really be hard." Whew! we went on to have nice talk. Turns out he read "In One Person" by John Irving and was somewhat conversant in trans issues.

    My reluctance to tell him was due to the fact that I did not want the dreaded TRANSGENDER label in my medical records. I know from my practice that the PCP is the first place people go to acquire medical information on a whole host of issues, so I wanted a clean record. I finally reached the point of self-acceptance that my trans-ness is just one more unique feature of my being, blue eyes, white hair, right handed, etc. So I told him. I do not know if he put it in the chart. I tend to doubt it. He said if I did anything about medical transition, spiro, HRT, or the like, then he would need to know and it would for certain be in my chart given the side effects of some of those drugs.

    I hope you are well and this helps. My vote-tell him your doctor.


  3. Hi Rhonda
    I believe it would be to your best interest if you confided in your doctor about your total life. I am sure he will be able to talk with you and address all your issues you are facing more knowledgeable.
    I do enjoy all your posts.
    Jennifer in Texas

  4. Hi Jennifer,

    Thanks so much for the comment - What you suggest is my plan. Please comment again...