Thursday, April 20, 2017

Fashion Blogs - How I Use Them

Stripe and Florals 
Yesterday I mentioned how much inspiration I get from fashion blogs. There are many that I frequent that provide good health, lifestyle and fashion advice. The ones I frequent most are Susan Street's "Susan after 60" and Deborah's "Fabulous after 40".  

Another one that I find very interesting and frequent is Haute Business.  Helen describes her site this way: 

Haute Business is a place for women to share both fashion and finance. 

I like that her choices have an edgy look - daring and sporty. I like her look and it works for me. The above outfit caught my attention and I purchased the off the shoulder top from Old Navy in both blue (shown) and gray (below). They both came in about a week ago and were on sale for $16.00.  (Who needs thrift shops.)  I love the way they fit and it looks both sporty and classy. The off-the-shoulder look is big this spring.

In the layout below, after getting the top, I had all of the pieces but the shoes that match Helen's photo shoot. I got the shoes on the Cole Haan site simply because they went on sale this week and Cole Haan seem to fit my feet very well.  The flats equally work.  

What I like best about this layout is that I am utilizing "investment" pieces. Pieces that I already have - Mixing and matching.  When you shop like this the overall cost is reasonable, functional and justifiable. The white jeans I have taken on several recent trips and worn to create many different looks. Dress up / Dress down depending on the top and shoes. 

Shop smart. And after you have the outfit - Escape.  Let the world see your great sense of fashion.    



  1. While I like the horizontal stripes on the top, I usually avoid them; my upper body is too broad in the first place. White jeans are fantastic, though, as I have no worries about my butt and hips looking too big! This is a nautical look, but, for me it's probably an ought-naught-ical look. :-)

    1. That probably should have been "ought-not-ical", I suppose, depending on what pun I really meant. Still, there are other things I can do that are of a horizontal stripe I find suit me better (clothing optional). ;-)