Friday, April 21, 2017

Friend's Friday - A Female's Observation

In case you did not see this comment on my "Treated Nice" post from Tuesday I have included it as today's Friend's Friday. A very interesting observation from a woman that was the recipient of "Treated Nice".  Thanks for the comment Connie. A great prospective view:     

The fact that I learned such basic mechanical things as changing a tire empowers me as a woman. Many men are empowered by coming to the aid of a "damsel in distress." That I allow a man to help me not only validates his masculinity, it further empowers me as a woman. A woman does not need to prove that she knows how to do it; just how to get it done.

A few years ago, on my way to a client meeting, I got caught driving in a torrential downpour, which, consequently, caused my windshield wiper to disintegrate (it rains a lot in the north west, but not usually with monsoon force). I squinted my way to an auto parts store nearby to get a new blade. Although I know perfectly well how to find the right replacement and install it, I allowed the guy behind the counter to make his recommendation without any input from me. I made the purchase and headed for the door, dreading the task ahead. To my surprise, though, the store manager appeared to open the door for me. To my further surprise, he told me to go ahead and get into my car where it was dry, and that he'd be happy to put the new blade on for me. As I sat there, watching this gentleman getting soaking wet, I was reminded that male privilege isn't always such a privilege at all - except for a woman, sometimes! 

Everyone, please comment and let me know what you think..... 


  1. While chivalry may be on its way out its not dead yet. I always open the door for my wife and let her precede me and I would do the same for other women.
    I think that if men like to see women well dressed, neat and pretty with well maintained hair, clothes and makeup the we should do what we can to help.

    1. There are plenty of times when I've asked myself why I'd bothered to "fix myself up." The truth is, though, that I do it for myself more than I do it for a man. In fact, I do it for other women more than for a man - but, always for myself, first.

    2. I forgot to add this earlier: Would "chivalry on its way out" be shrivelry? :-)

  2. I have to agree with Connie, most of us dress to please ourselves. Our clothes project to the world how we feel about ourselves. As you said, Rhonda, we allow men to help us with many things which in turn validates the masculinity and further empowers us as women.