Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Why Be Out?

A Neighbor's Son
We grew up together in Virginia
I attend several social events a few weeks back in my childhood hometown.  I wrote about my high school reunion and how positive the response, but this time back in Virginia I extended my outing. I presented to “growing up” neighbors, childhood playmates, and former workmates. This particular area of Virginia, is conservative, Trump red, and rural. Why would I put myself into this situation?
My reasoning was simple. There was nothing to lose and much to gain.  Take a look at a point made in the article” Why Do So Many Folks Hate Transgender People?”.

Most studies say that only 8-11% of people personally know someone who is transgender, yet approximately 75% know someone who is lesbian or gay. Studies also show very strong correlations between knowing an LGBT person, and being supportive of LGBT issues. The transgender community lacks that vital component of acceptance.Transgender people need to be more out. The more people know us, the better it makes it for the rest of the community....

To hate a concept is easy. You just go along with everyone else, and make assumptions that feel safe and intuitive. However hating a person require a conscious choice that involves disrespect and prejudice. 

By definition prejudice is the preconceived opinion that is not based on reason or actual experience. Based on the questions I received and answered to the best of my ability, many there have a better or different understanding than before. For many that evening, being transgender is no longer an abstract concept - Being transgender has a face, is a person and is someone they know.

Dinner Out After my Museum Opening  



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