Wednesday, April 12, 2017

My Purse Obsession and The Zombie Apocalypse

POLO - Small Sullivan Saddle Bag Purse
My love for purses has possibly moved into the obsession category.  There I have admitted it. Likely just ahead of a credit card intervention. Shopping a few months back I ventured into the Palm Beach Ralph Lauren Store.  

The Ralph Lauren POLO store is located on the famous Palm Beach, Worth Avenue. My absolute favorite shopping destination.  There are only a few named shopping destinations like Worth Avenue.  Others may be Rodeo Drive, 5th Avenue NY, Bond Street London, The Galleria Dallas TX and your choice. Here is the way Worth Avenue describes itself:

An enchanting resort destination in Palm Beach, Florida with European sophistication and inimitable style and grace, Worth Avenue is one of the most beautiful shopping venues in the country. The Avenue’s romantic vias and celebrated boutiques offer the best of both resort and designer fashion, accessories, gifts, art, antiques, fine and casual dining and home furnishings in a captivating atmosphere rich with old world charm and historical glamour.

I typically start my shopping on Worth Avenue with a stop at Starbucks. I know - does it get any more providential than that?  They know me by name and always have my drink ready without me ordering. Depending on the weather, I typically sit outside with the usual collection of regulars, which I have fallen into. I guess that is why I go.

Palm Beach Window Display 
Today I strolled down the avenue, visited my favorite sandal shop that had just reopened for season. Fabio was in and I got a nice hug.  Next, window shopped down the Avenue. Many of the windows are a work of art within themselves, and the art galleries always have great works on display. One never knows what cars will be parked on the street and today was no exception -  Red McLaren 650s with top off.

After that excitement I wondered into the Lauren POLO store and purchased the above all leather equestrian-inspired "Small Sullivan Saddle Bag" purse. The Italian leather is luxurious, heavy and beautifully made.  Today 30% off.

I now own all the purses I will ever need - Until next week. As I saw on one purse obsession blog, "There could be a zombie apocalypse. It’s important to have many, many purse backups. Just in case!"

That is my rational and I am sticking with it - You have a better reason?

Worth Avenue - Palm Beach 

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