Monday, April 10, 2017

Feminine Differential - Looking Out of Place.

Have you ever seen a woman that dressed inappropriately for the situation? Too casual for a dressy event. Overdressed for the neighborhood bbq. When we go out, we do not want to  “look out of place”. That is not blending in and not projection the best feminine image.  

Here are three feminine mistakes that natural females make and how we can avoid them as well:

Trying to disguise yourself (sound familiar). 

Too often we think that dressing well as we get older means covering all our ‘flaws’, to the point that many people end up wearing baggy, shapeless outfits that don’t flatter them at all. Masses of volume and fabric are not a great idea. Experts suggest that if there are parts of your body where you don't feel comfortable, then choose outfits that skim over or flatter rather than lots of floaty, voluminous fabric, which are aging and unflattering. 

Wearing the wrong foundation garments. 

The importance of wearing the right underwear cannot be underestimated. Getting a good framework on your body underneath your clothes will make all the difference.  Bigger breast forms or over padded bras are not better. Look in a mirror and make sure everything is in proportion. Exaggerating anything make you look like a cartoon character. Invest in a good bra and no-VPL panties/pants.  

Just like non-supportive underwear, poor posture can ruin even the most fabulous of outfits, so remember to stand up tall even if you are tall. Slouching looks sloppy.  

Not getting good fashion advice and ignoring the obvious.

There are many sites that have suggestions, fashion layouts and can help you know what is stylish. Two that if frequent are Susan Street's Susan After 60 and Deborah's Fabulous After 40. Check these out.  

Example: Just because something is trendy does not mean it will look good you. Skinny jeans are the rage. On some figures that they look nice, however they look awful on me. They emphasize my larger top (shoulders) and short legs. I look line a bird. Yuck.  

Likewise, if you consistently dress too sexy, flashy, skin-tight, sequins, low-cut tops, short skirt — you run the risk of looking out of place. Worst yet, like you’re trying too hard to be young (or something you are not). This automatically translates to not young, not sexy, not feminine. 

Love your body and want to show it off? Do it in a manner that reflects your good taste, your sense of style, age and best feminine image.  Do not look out of place.  

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  1. this is very important advice Rhonda because the aim is to look right for the occasion while still being elegant. I think we learn as we go and I have adapted over the years to achieve a balance so I am not caught standing out like a sore thumb...which I mostly do already given my height!