Thursday, November 2, 2017

Adam’s Apple - Hiding a Prominent Trachea

Having a visible "Adams' Apple" has never been a problem for me. Just luck of the draw, I guess. I received an e-mail flyer today from Boston Proper Clothing and there were many beautiful sweaters in what they called the "Choker Trend - Beyond the Necklace". These are all beautiful models and I am sure none of them have a pretending Adams' apple. Of courser, the all look very feminine and stylish. I love the white sexy, almost turtle neck, in the center.  Here are the details on the sample layout items above.  There are many more.

I have mixed results with Boston proper. More better that worse.  Returns are easy. They tend to be pretty close on sizing and items run to the sexy side. I am not saying that is a bad thing. 

These are good fashion solution and seem to be so much better than just a choker, i.e. wide ribbon - necklace. To me these call attention to an area you are trying to minimize. Raised necklines fashions, like above and proper hair style are so much better. See: 5 Ways to Hide Your Adam’s Apple

Also there are permanent solutions available and FFS surgeons have perfected this delicate procedure. Watch Dr. Mardirossian YouTube video below. For information, call his office for a free in-person or Skype consultation.  

In our practice the tracheal shave is an effective, safe, and permanent procedure that reduces the prominence of the Adam’s Apple. We uses special trachea shave techniques to remove all the visible cartilage while preserving the vocal cords. This procedure can be performed alone or in conjunction with other feminization procedures. - Dr. Mardirossian



  1. A close friend became known for wearing chiffon scarfs until she made an appointment with the knife...