Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Dinner At The Yacht Club

Ralph Lauren is one of my favorite designers.  I found this blue Cap-Sleeve Sweater on sale with an additional 30% off this past weekend ($41.99). I quickly went searching for items to pair it with before purchasing and found many. My go to white knit pants with either heels or flats make a great combination. (two pair with different hemmed leg length).  

Update: Macy's also has this sweater on sale as a Black Friday special for $38.39. 

I know white after labor day is a no-no, however this is Florida and colors are brighter. The whites paired with navy blue have a nautical look and perfect for dinners at the Yacht Club. There are two close by. OK - I don't have a yacht or a boat at this time, but I can still go to the club. All it takes is the right invitation - Anyone asking?

There is a Yacht Club dinner story but that is part two.  

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