Wednesday, November 29, 2017

The Best of Times - Oregon

My Photos - Oregon - Cannon Beach and Mt. Hood on approach  

I love Portland Oregon. I had an installation/training there two years ago and another the first two week of in November. I spent the weekend kicking around the area again and relaxing. It is beautiful and is such a sharp contrast to Florida. In a way, diagonally across the US. I love the terrain and watching the clouds drift across the nearby hills/mountains is so relaxing. Deep green with muted grays were everywhere. This mixed with and the fall colors made everything enchanted.  

Last time there I had concerts planned and theater events. This trip I had two installations planned, cut with a weekend stay. Earlier that week, I had a dinner planned with a blog friend (photos in this post). Weekend plans did not workout so I planned time to see some of the places I missed last time and chill - literally. 

Almost no makeup
Previously I had my hair done and much to my surprise the stylist was still at the same salon when I called. I booked a shampoo and blow-out for Friday afternoon. Having finished at the client, I did rush a bit to get to the saloon and had on very little makeup at the time. Niki, did a lovely job (photo here). She works at the Firefly Salon just across the bridge in Vancouver Washington. With the glow of my beautiful hair style, I had a quiet dinner in the hotel restaurant alone that evening. 

Saturday, I traveled to Cannon Beach taking the "over the mountain" drive from Portland. Wow, Haystack Rock and the surrounding coastline is a beautiful sight. You cannot fully appreciate the Haystack Rock's size without referencing the people in the foreground walking on the beach. Lunch was hot and delicious clam chowder, at the Wayfarer Restaurant overlooking the rock. I spent over two chilly hours walking this scenic Pacific Beach - So different from Florida and so beautiful. 

After, my drive back, I dressed nicely and went down to the restaurant area and listened to a band playing dance music for about an hour and a half - A big crowd. Sunday morning I had a relaxing breakfast in the hotel's restaurant overlooking the Columbia River. Later a movie across the river in Vancouver. Sunday evening was dinner again with Marcia and after, getting ready for my next client/repacking. An early morning drive down to Salem to start my second installation.
Best of all, was the fact that from the time, mid-Friday to Sunday night, I was myself. I have done this many times before, however actually having no plans and enjoyed the moments away from home was the best escape. No one seemed to notice or care and that made for "The best of times is now".  

La Cage - The Best of Times Is Now (2010)

Where will your next escape be?  


  1. looking good Rhonda...makeup or not...

  2. I grew up, as a boy, in Portland. I'm growing up, as a girl, now in Seattle.
    The girl is just about six decades late; that's all.

  3. It was great fun getting together. Glad you enjoyed you stay in Portland.