Saturday, June 15, 2019

Being Happy...


  1. I have never been more happy and relaxed. Today Sunday, 16 June 2019; was my day to go out 'enfemme'.
    While shopping 'enfemme', I volunteered to help a lady rope a large bookshelf to the TOP OF HER BEAUTIFUL NEW LEXIS, without killing the glass sunroof. My Boy (Gurl?) Scout 'Good Deed' for the day. The taughtline hitches (knots) hold. I still know my knots.
    While still 'enfemme', I pick up carryout sushi, for our dinner. The restaurant staff knows me both 'enhomme' and 'enfemme'. The staff says 'hi', and I smile and return the greetings. I feel relaxed and happy, but mostly, I feel like myself, a formerly hidden self I have just begun to explore. I have never smiled so much in my entire life..... Velma

    1. Velma I am happy for you and you made me smile just reading this. Thank you for sharing. Getting out still lifts my spirits.