Thursday, June 20, 2019

Life List

Most all of us have traveled through life with a tour book of expectations. E.g. religion, education, family, career, retirement, and the inevitable.  Our internal tour book directs each aspect of our life and other than a few potholes or flat tires, we travel along the course scripted in the tour book.  

I looked to Quora to expand the meaning of “bucket list” and found much more.  I believe most of us understand the concept but I personally prefer taking the emphasis away from death (as in kicking the bucket) and applying it to now.  One comment “The term ‘Life List’ is better because it has a clear emphasis on life..."  

If we really want to distill it down to the making of a list, here is the way to start:  "Would I be willing to leave the Earth without having experienced  _________?"   Full in the blank. 

Clearly, there are many items to populate your list.  A few months ago I tried on a wedding dress at a bridal salon.  “CHECK”.  Last year I took a cruise. “CHECK”.  Many years ago I went out as Rhonda and interacted with the world. "CHECK”.  Rhonda became real. "CHECK"! 

Our list can contain everything from the mundane to the breathtaking. Do volunteer social work; skydive; run/walk a marathon; own a sports car; attend a special interest/hobby convention; spend the day as the opposite gender… 

There is one fact for sure:

Your life-bucket list will not check itself.

Within economic constraints, what prevents you from accomplishing or planning the items on your life list?  Be realistic and make sure your list has achievable goals.  Do those now. If necessary, rehearse/save to do the others. Put checks on your list, before it becomes a bucket list. 

 Put down your life’s travel book and take a new/different path.  What is on your "life list"?


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