Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Cruise Planning '19 - Day Wear

Yes again!  I really did not have a clue what to expect on last year's cruise.  What became obvious very early; "Why did I wait so long to enjoy this ultimate escape". Traveling on the Allure of the Seas, (at that time the world's largest cruise ship) was at first intimidating; then one of the best ever vacations/holidays.  

You would expect with over 6000 travelers and over 2400 crew there would be a crush of bodies at every turn. Not so! The ship is designed so that activities occur all over the "air craft Carrier" size ship. Never once, during embarking/disembarking, shows, or dining, was there ever such a crowd that you were not enjoying every moment.  

What I noticed was that everyone was in their own space of enjoying themselves. So much to do that few were noticing or studying anyone to the extent that I ever felt any degree of discomfort. 

"Central Park" After Dinner
Above is my outfit "day planner".  I will use this for packing and selecting outfits. During day time activities, such as pool time, or just exploring the ship, casual rules. Everyone seems to make an effort to wear just  slightly "above  average" day wear, but comfort does rule. This is a warm time of the year and I was amazed at the amount of open space a ship of this size offers. One of my favorite times was after dinner enjoying an open-air concert (guitar or keyboard) in a park-like atmosphere. Pull up a conformable chair with a cushion and listen - almost forgetting you are moving on a floating city.  

And, yes last year I did over-pack; I know shocked. This year wiser - Maybe.

Tomorrow, I will highlight my evening wear and what I plan for "Formal Night" this year.  Stay tuned...

Allure of the Seas
 Oasis-class cruise ship owned and operated by Royal Caribbean International
This was heading back to the ship after a day enjoying an island private beach. 




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