Monday, June 24, 2019

Travel Stripes - Being A Girl

This is a perfect travel example how you can have three "day time" outfits built  around one top. The top above is a Talbots Stripe Scarf-Tie knit top. This neckline will always flatter. It is very close to sold out but similar can be found many places.  

Stripe sailor tops have been around several years and do not seem to be going out of style. They are flattering to most figures and for summer are super cute.  As we have talked about many times before, the shoe choice changes the outfit for quick stop at the market to a casual dinner with friends.  For a travel weekend out of town or longer, perfect. 

You got to love being a girl.  


Muppets - Cheryl Ladd & Miss Piggy - I enjoy being a girl

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