Friday, June 14, 2019

Second Sunday Meetup - June '19

My "Second Sunday Meetup Group" has turned into a great group of friends. We are mainly social, sometimes business, always relaxed and exciting. This past Sunday we had new people, and overall, 50 in attendance.  We meet at one of West Palm Beach's finest steak restaurants where we enjoy cocktails, hors d'oeuvre and plenty of room.  One of our group members, Harvey plays piano and many stay for a wonderful dinner after. We grow in attendance each month, just by word-of-mouth, and so far have not outgrown The Raindancer Steak House.  

For an area that sees establishments come and go on a regular basis, The Raindancer Steak House is a West Palm Beach tradition. The restaurant has been around about 44 years and the current managers have great food, great service and a great staff. You make us all feel at home. Thank you again Jody, Nikki and Spiro for hosting June. We always feel welcome.

Photos by Chris


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