Thursday, June 27, 2019

Pink Retreat - Tropic Fashion

The Pink Retreat 2019!

Last Thursday during my visit to the Palm Beach Colony Hotel, I noticed a very large group of women, all wearing Lilly Pulitzer.  I was surrounded in a wash of pink and green - If only I had known ahead about the "Pink Retreat".  I saw two very beautiful women walking around the pool and taking selfies. I ran out and volunteered to help and found the that the two were from Alabama; accent natural and worked. I found out this is an annual thing and there are events planned all around Palm Beach for the whole weekend. Oh next year, I will be there wearing the pink and green. Have fun ladies and enjoy Palm Beach!

Three of the items above are going with me on the cruise.  

Here is little history on an iconic Florida fashion tradition.   Enjoy.  

You may know us as a brand, or a store, or the creators of your favorite printed dress or swimsuit. But we are so much more.  Lilly Pulitzer is a lifestyle. A frame of mind, where the door’s always open and the clothing’s always designed sunny side up.

You may have heard about us, we’ve been around since 1959ish, straight out of the sunshine state of Florida. Palm Beach to be exact.

If you're not familiar, sit back, we’ll spill the juice. And it actually all started with a glass of juice. But we’ll get to that later.

Palm Beach has been the premier resort destination for the chic New York set for over one hundred years. So much so that the New York Times added the Palm Beach Season to their fashion calendar. Even still, resort wear consisted of three basic colors: Navy, Red and White.

Fast Forward to the late 1950's, when our fearless leader Lilly Pulitzer eloped to Palm Beach with Peter Pulitzer (yes, the grandson of Joseph, founder of the Pulitzer Prize).  Few were living in Florida full time back then, but Lilly saw paradise and she thought…why not? Lilly did things her own way.

Everyone wanted to be around Lilly. Her door was always open and her home was always filled with the most interesting and fabulous group of people. Magnetic, cool, authentically herself… everyone was invited to Lilly’s parties and they were a sight to see.

Shortly after moving and starting her family, Lilly’s entrepreneurial spirit kicked in and, since she started a juice stand in the vias just off the famous Worth Avenue in Palm Beach.  It didn’t hurt that her husband’s family owned orange groves in Florida…that’s Florida farming!

The job was messier than she expected and Lilly needed a way to avoid staining her gorgeous dresses. Most would have bought an apron. Not Our Lilly.

She had her dresses made in “spill proof” fabrics. Brightly colored printed shifts became her uniform at the shop.But soon all of Lilly’s friends wanted her dresses more than they wanted her drinkable fruit concoctions. So she gave the people what they wanted. And soon "Lillys" were seen all over Palm Beach and beyond.

Fast forward to today.  For generations, Lilly Pulitzer has come to represent the resort lifestyle for women of all ages, stages and sunny destinations. From Palm Beach to Nantucket , Naples to Kiawah Island, Key West to the Hamptons, Lilly Pulitzer is for you if your go-to mood is happy, colorful and free. 

Print is the magic ingredient that has always set Lillys apart. From the spill-proof days to today, whether you’re opting for a printed shift or a printed bikini, these custom designed patterns are unique, one-of-a-kind and entirely yours. Pro tip: you can tell it’s a true Lilly if you can find “Lilly” hidden in the print! 

And of course, no piece of clothing can put you in a festive mood quite like a Lilly! And how else do you want to feel when celebrating or vacationing?  Exactly.

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