Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Feminine Differential - Easy Accessories

It is easy to add touches to a boring every day look to make it look feminine / interesting. In many of my fashion layouts I show simple but easy accessories like a watch, bracelet or ring. Subtle, but theses items make a statement that these are feminine and girly. Now, as we socially distance ourselves, we have few Escape places other than a trip to the market or just a walk in a park.  

That does not mean our presentation need be boring. Cute subtle touches can make a difference and provide us our Feminine Differential.  Case for today's catch of the day; "Women's Casual Hollow Design Platform Shoes". I think these are really cute and the platform / lace touches does the deed.  At about $25.00 certainly not going to break the bank.

I am hoping to get a lot of wear out of these, with denim skirts, white dress pants, or casual dresses this spring / summer.  I will post photos when they arrive.

Followup: The platform sneakers from above did arrive and the quality is not there. Cute yes, but the shoe lace eyelets, separated from the shoe after the first wearing. I like the platform/feminine look and will be on the search for better quality.

Do not let your skills slip or lose your resolve to Escape.  


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