Friday, May 15, 2020

Why Hollywood Needs Transgender Actors

New Video Breaks Down Why Hollywood Needs Transgender Actors

Source: HuffPost, Cutris M. Wong

The cultural debate over whether cisgender actors should be cast in transgender roles was reignited last week after audiences got a first look at “Anything,” which stars Matt Bomer as a trans woman. 

The film, which debuted at the Los Angeles Film Festival Saturday, has been mired in controversy ever since news of Bomer’s casting made headlines last year. It’s especially troubling given that talented transgender actors like Alexandra Grey, Elliott Fletcher and Ian Harvie have been able to make a splash in the film industry on their own. 

In the compelling video above, Grey, Fletcher and Harvie join a mélange of stars in breaking down the reasons that Hollywood should be more open to giving trans people their long-overdue moment in the spotlight. “For many young or closeted trans people, film and television is the first or only time that they see themselves,” Harvie, whose credits include “Transparent” and “Roadtrip Nation,” explains in the clip, which was produced by GLAAD and ScreenCrush.

“I have lost parts written for trans women to men,” Jen Richards (“Nashville”) explains, “because I don’t look ‘trans enough.’” Allowing those trans actors a crack at playing trans characters could be beneficially artistically, too. “When cis people play trans parts, they’re focused on playing trans,” Alexandra Billings (“Transparent”) says. “When we play a trans role, we play a character.”

Such an emphasis on trans representation could work wonders for the film industry as a whole, too: GLAAD’s 2017 Studio Responsibility Index found that only one out of 125 major movies released last year contained a transgender character. 

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  1. Unfortunately, I believe trans actors are battling the trans-phobic individuals that control film making. It's not just the studio heads but the backers, actor/managers, censors and critics. As long as we have administrations, such as what's controlling our government, the studios will follow their lead.
    They also have to deal with a public that is perceived to be somewhat uncaring about giving new actors a break. They are conditioned to only seeing the name brands in the leading roles. To prove the point, how many names can you remember that had walk on roles such as the common people in the background scenes. These people are not yet "discovered" actors trying to make a name for themselves in the industry. Each film that they can show up in the credits, is another entry on their resume.