Tuesday, May 26, 2020

I Love A Success Story - Boris April


Boris April - Ukrainian singer, songwriter. The owner of the vocal range of 4 octaves. Member of television projects of Ukraine “Star Factory 2” and “Factory. Super Final. ” In December 2017, he shocked the audience by appearing at the casting of “Voices” in a new image. The guy changed sex, now he is a transgender girl Zianja.

Childhood and youthBoris April was born on December 12, 1990. Real name - Boris Maksimovich Kruglov. Born in the Crimea, in the village of Chernomorskoye, in an average Ukrainian family: father - Maxim Valerievich, mother - Elena Evgenievna and older brother and sister - George and Anna.

Since childhood, Boris showed interest in music, in the 5th grade, parents sent the boy to a vocal school. But they did not consider this hobby as a profession for life. They saw their son as a lawyer, economist, ecologist, but not a singer. But Boris himself was sure that he was waiting for fame and success at the musical Olympus.

After graduating from school, the guy assured his parents that he was leaving for Simferopol to enter the University of Tauride as an economist. He did not want to upset them. But in fact, the guy went to Kiev and applied to the Kiev National University of Culture and Arts for the vocal department. The first time he failed to enter this specialization, but he went to the department of "show business management".


According to Boris, this disc was the start to a new stage in his life and work. In 2012, April left for China, where he gave dozens of concerts in various cities of the country. In the same year, Boris April and writer Lada Luzina presented their joint photo project “Departing Kiev”, dedicated to the disappearance of old buildings - architectural monuments of Ukraine.
Personal LifeAfter successful performances in China in 2012 the following year, the artist decided to return to China again. Now he planned to stay there for 2 years. But came back earlier. At the end of 2013, the guy leaves for the USA.

Amazing Ukrainian model and singer Boris Aprel (2012)

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