Tuesday, May 12, 2020

The Salon Experience For Guys...

Although our long spring of isolation may be nearing an end, I feel that caution is still the best course until we see a definite downturn in cases. My family members, much younger than I who have had it, say it is not your ordinary flu and tell me that avoiding it is the best course. My one daughter who works in ER says she has never seen anything like this.    

No Makeup Monday
Our new normal, once we escape our imposed social isolation, may be very different. Retail has taken a big hit and some businesses may not survive. Some of our mom-and-pop eating establishments may see it as a time to retire to Florida/Arizona and close forever; sad.

Let's see if we can make a little lemonade out of the coronavirus lemon we have been served. In almost all areas, hair salons/barber shops have been closed.  Unless your spouse, in desperation, has taken scissors to your hair, you are likely looking a little unkempt or shaggy at best, the present company included - My Monday selfie is proof. My last hair cut / styling was around mid-February, just before my trip to Virginia. Just before that trip I did get an outstanding style that has grown in beautifully to a near shoulder length bob.  

             Not your granddad's  barber shop                 
I am unskilled in doing my own hair without years of that experience in my tool box. I usually have my hair done at a salon before an event, and depending on the weather, it does hold the style for about a week. Yesterday I washed, conditioned and used a blow dryer; not too bad for non-pro work. I snapped the above selfie in the bathroom mirror this morning. Proof positive that a good style can grow and hold it's shape.     

So now is the time to consider a feminine style for yourself.  You know the one you always wanted to try.  Hopefully, you have enough hair left to play with, so why not?  Have you ever been to a female or unisex salon?  The old classic barbershops are dying off and if you want more than just a buzz cut, now is your chance!

I found a wonderful site that gives the timid a how-to on “Confidently Navigating Your Visit To The Salon”.  

Here is the lead-in:
Most guys have rarely stepped foot into this historically female territory, much less in seek of services, much less with their long manes on the line.

A pair of scissors approaching your locks can be concerning, even without having to provide direction to a stylist in an unfamiliar environment or being disoriented by foreign sounds, smells, and activities.

Your first trip can be harrowing. For that reason, we are offering this introduction to the salon experience for men, where we provide the tips you need to confidently navigate your visit to the salon.

The site discusses “What To Say At The Salon?”, “Terms You May Hear” and “Enjoy The Shampoo Experience”.  Not your granddad's barber shops.

There are many cute and stylish haircuts that can get you on the road to the feminine cut that would flatter you face and break the wig cycle. Study Pinterest and find something you like that matches your current or desired hair length. Understand that there are limitations, however this will let the stylist know you are not looking for a "male" haircut.  As the above blog mentions: "A good place to start is asking yourself, 'what do I want to look like?'” - then convey that to the stylist. 

See this as a new ESCAPE opportunity.  


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  1. You look wonderful. Most women your age would kill to have your skin, your features and your hair