Friday, May 22, 2020

Friend's Friday - Connie's Beautiful Hair

A Beautiful Hair Do
By Connie

Having read Rhonda's posts and blogs in the past  - she's the one I feel who gave me the inspiration to let my own hair grow LONG-- 

I know that a woman's "crowning" glory is her hair and I've always had a fascination with women,s hair styles -I remember being  curious since very young...

Now after a few years of letting it grow out I've discovered how annoying it can be maintaining long hair but also how glorious it feels and looks when properly styled and maintained ---and I just can't think of going back to a "normal" male length style..- my hairdresser had known me only in male mode for years - now she only see's Connie -- After our initial first meeting she quickly adjusted to her NEW client and made me feel very comfortable and at ease.... Also my wife now will put my hair in rollers before we go out as G/F's and will make quite a fuss ensuring my hair looks good -- that's something I never dreamed would start to feel NORMAL--- the one thing I wish i had  is thicker hair - as I do wear a hairpiece to hide a thinning area.. but we do what we must ..

My wife, a woman friend and my hairdresser would like me to keep it shorter in style to keep  my appropriate looking for a WOMAN my age ( another thing I find  strange hearing at times)  but so far I'm resisting and am keeping it as long as possible.

One woman friend has told me i should use Rhonda's look as a model for myself --- I'd be ecstatic to be able to match her wonderfully feminine style !!

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