Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Travel - Making Casual Work

Venus Sweater, Talbots Skinny Jeans, Pikolinos Boots, and Dooney Bag

I wrote this post several months ago and someday we will be able to travel again. I hope you find it still relevant. 

Traveling to Richmond Virginia for my Engineering School presentation back in February, I attempted to travel a light as possible. What was needed was one professional look and several easy dinner outfits.  

I had an early morning flight out Sunday and very late evening flight back two days later. Many travel sites encourage you to wear your heavy items and plan around that. I attempted just that. I love traveling "Pretty" but this was not going to be the trip for that.

When traveling, blending in and getting through the TSA checks are paramount.  I have never had a TSA issue.  I always present my ID/passport, provide a big smile and complete step one without questions. Only occasionally do I get the classic "double take". The next step is based totally on presentation and again I have never had an issue. Do not let the TSA checks deter you. They are well trained and are just doing their jobs.  

I flew into an airport close to Southern Virginia (my childhood hometown) and stayed at my favorite country resort overnight. That evening I had dinner with friends at a local restaurant. 

Richmond VA - Airport
The next day I drove from Southern Virginia to Richmond and had another dinner with school friends there that evening. 

The next day was my presentation at VCU, followed by travel home after. Luckily after my presentation and meetings on the VCU campus, there was time to change in a family restroom. 

The photo in front of the VCU mural was take in the Richmond, Virginia airport (RIC) just before the TSA checkpoint and was my travel outfit for the evening flight. 

This same outfit had served me well for the flight in two days before was my flight home outfit.  A plan well executed.   

Travel, like any "Escape", can to challenging but it is part of living our lives to the full. Choose your outfit to reflect the occasion, smile and be your best self!  Just like any other day.  



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