Monday, September 28, 2020

Boat Neck - Not Just For Women

Boat Neck is one of my favorite neck lines.  In my estimation it is feminine and has so many wonderful variations.  Boat neck can be off-the-shoulder if wide enough.  It can have a collar for a 50' Mad-Man look or be draped to form a scoop look.  Very versatile.  And now not just woman's wear?

A very interesting web ad:

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Boat Neck T-Shirt features a Boat like a neckline which runs horizontally, almost to the shoulder points on both side of the t-shirt. The boat neck style derives from the sailor’s sweaters, often with deep navy and white horizontal stripes. The broad and plain neck was said to facilitate quick removal if a sailor were to fall overload. Coco channel first designed the Boat Neck style, and she received inspiration from the wide neck worn by French Sailors.

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  1. I've been a fan of Boatneck tops since my wife gave me one of hers a few years ago----at times they're hard to find though