Tuesday, September 8, 2020

I Love A Success Story - Morgan Givens

Recently i was listening to NPR's Morning Edition on the way to work and was delighted by a fascinating interview with Morgan Givens. He shared with NPR's Noel King that his nephew was the inspiration behind Flyest Fables — a podcast series telling fictional stories for children — but not limited to only them.

Morgan Givens
Storyteller, Writer, Performer and Audio Producer

He is an amazing story teller. Someone that can make a story come alive with voices, and characters that draw you in. During the interview he showcased his incredible range.

Listen to the interview here: 'Flyest Fables,' Podcast Series With New Fables For The 21st Century

Here is a little piece from the Morning Edition interview:

KING: Why have all that tough stuff in a kids' show?
GIVENS: I put it there because I dealt with difficult things as a child. My parents were divorced. I'm a trans black man. I had to figure that out. And so I have this sense that just because - our refusal or inability to talk about some things doesn't mean that we shouldn't. It doesn't mean that these young people aren't going to deal with that. And so it's a, how do we give them a framework for how to deal with that? How do we help them understand that they're not at fault for their parents' divorce? And so I understand that these issues are heavy, and they can be heavy. And I tried to approach them in a way that is still sensitive and safe for young people. But these are issues that we have to address.

Not only does he do podcast, but Morgin Givins is an incredible writer. Read his story on a dating experince. You will just love the way he just blurts our that he is transgender and then has to explain it.   

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