Friday, September 18, 2020

Zoom Zoom

Selfie taken just before my VCU Zoom call.
This past week I participated in two Zoom conference calls.  I believe that most professional woman loathe these.  First, the camera up close is never going to be flattering. Second, these session can never be spontaneous as to timing - hair, makeup, and a flattering top all require forethought.

My meeting last Saturday was with my Mercedes Club.  All of the regional presidents and vice-president talked for about an hour to discuss coping. Events,  which are the purpose of the club, have been on hold since March.  Although membership has not fallen, many may question why belong if there is not socialization.  Second my section/club is made up with a good number of snow birds (seasonal-residents) who may or may not be back this fall/winter.  

Furthernote, Zoom meeting was for planning and outreach with my university (Virginia Commonwealth University - VCU).  My engineering school is seeking recognition for its many accomplishments for being know as: "The engineering generation that put man on the moon".  Again, this was a productive meeting that has landed me on the planning committee for either a virtual or in-person reunion come spring.  

I still have mixed feeling about Zoom meeting. However, I do see their usefulness during this time of limited socializing. Maybe the new normal.  How do you like Zoom meetings?  What is your preparation process? 

Below are some really good suggestions to make Zoom sessions productive.

10 *Quick Tips* to Look GREAT on Zoom 

(Look more professional on Video Chat, FaceTime, Webcam)

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  1. I agree with you about Zoom. During COVID I have used them for business and medical consultations that would normally be done in person. My wife and I have done Zoom cocktail hours with folks that are close friends. Not as good as in person, but much better than no socialization at all.
    Angel Amore