Thursday, August 17, 2023

Barbie Pink - The Color of Summer '23


Barbie has taken this summer by storm.  In fact, the Wall Street Journal declared "The Summer of Barbie’ Has Only Just Begun".  ( CNN: ‘Barbie’  Becomes Warner Bros.’ biggest movie ever at the American box office' $536 million)

With more than 100 brand collaborations underway, including ‘Ken’ shirts from Gap and hot-pink pool floats from Target, Mattel isn’t letting anyone forget that the movie is here. And a blockbuster hit.

Barbie is everywhere — literally. From Target to Bloomingdale's, you can’t escape this summer’s Blonde Ambition tour. Barbie robes. Barbie roller blades. Barbie candles. Barbie toothpaste and toothbrush sets. Barbie platform shoes. Barbie nail polish. Barbie Xbox accessories. Barbie Crocs (yuck). 

The pink-hued list goes on and on.

Mattel, the toy company behind the anatomically incorrect doll, has licensed nearly 100 brand partnerships to promote the new Barbie movie, starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling. 

So do I have any pink in my closet? You bet!  The two skirts above are "Vintage Lilly". Plus, I know the zoo print Lilly wrap skirt goes back to the last century ('90); timeless. So happy I kept it. I have several plain cotton pink t-shirts and at least one that can be worn off-the-shoulder. The Etta Scoopneck Top  on the left is current on the Lilly site. 

My only new addition to honor Barbie '23 are the Bernardo Lilly Fuchsia Sandals. I got these on sale at "Tootsies" in Stuart.  What a cute name for a woman's shoes store and nail spa. Although flats are not my favorite shoes style, these are so cute and practical. 

The "Rhonda" Barbie
Coming to a store near you soon.

I attended an event earlier in the summer and there was a photo Barbie box. Only wish I had worn pink.   

My note on the Barbie Movie: I saw it about a week after its opening and it is so worth seeing. A female empowerment theme (how can we disagree with that) and so cute outfits everywhere.  Look closely, there is a transgender Barbie. A must see - wear pink.  

Here is a more in-depth review at "High Heels In The Wilderness -  My Visit to Barbieland".  I am so jealous, she got 55 comment on her post.  OK, tell me what you thought of your Barbieland visit?


Margot Robbie


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  2. I intend to see the movie tomorrow.I understand that most of the audience wears pink. In that regard I remembered having a pink t-shirt that reads: "I want to be Barbie. The bitch has everything." We shall see what kind of reaction I get

  3. More bread and circuses for the masses. Is it a nice distraction during these times of angst, or just a distraction?