Tuesday, August 15, 2023

A Special Evening at The Box Gallery Opening


 Attending the Box Gallery Grand Re-opening
Photo with Rolando the Gallery owner and my Grandson

I had an invitation to a well established West Palm Beach Art Gallery, grand re-opening. I have known the gallery's owner, Rolando Chang Barrero, for many years and he is well known for his eclectic gallery collections. Rolando's new space grand opening is a sold out, mid-summer event.   

The Box Art Gallery is thrilled to unveil its new location with the highly-anticipated "Florida! See it Like a Native" exhibition. To mark this momentous occasion, the gallery is proud to announce the three distinguished members of the jury who will curate this captivating showcase of Florida's vibrant art scene. 

The "Florida! See it Like a Native" exhibition aims to celebrate the rich and diverse artistic heritage of the Sunshine State, paying homage to the talent and creativity of local artists. The jury carefully selected 26 Florida artists that reflects the true essence of Florida's artistic expression.

 CafĂ© L’Europe In Palm Beach

The outfit above is likely way to young for me.  However, for this wine reception, event, it did work perfectly. The skirt is Amazon's "Stretchy Flared Casual Mini Skater Skirt" and was only $14.75; worth the try. The shoulder draping scoop-neck top from Talbots' several season back and the heels  are my trusted Coach pumps. This outfit was inspired by a Pinterest, Beth Chappo Blog photo.  I will try the strip top for another evening. 

After attending the opening my grandson and I had dinner at the elegant Cafe L’Europe In Palm Beach.  During dinner my friend David Crohan from my old Palm Beach Piano Guild days was playing and I introduced my grandson.  A very special evening. Here is a little about David:

My photo of David Crohan
from a Palm Beach Piano Guild Concert

Renowned up and down the eastern seaboard, pianist David Crohan has entertained everyone from Presidents and First Ladies to celebrities. From Rhode Island to Martha’s Vineyard to Palm Beach David continues to thrill with his enormous repertoire. He has been a beloved entertainer at Cafe L’Europe for the past 20 years.


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