Wednesday, August 16, 2023

Men's Skirts Are Ready for the Mainstream

 Welcome to the era of masculine midis, minis, and maxis.

By Trishna RikhyPUBLISHED: MAR 28, 2023

Thom Browne Spring/Summer
2018 fashion show.

We've been building up to this moment for years. We've seen it percolating on fashion runways and bubbling up in the cooler corners of fashion capitals around the world. We've watched it infiltrate red carpets and social media feeds. And now we can say, without skirting around it at all (ha!), that skirts for men are officially ready to enter the mainstream.

Let's be clear: This isn't to say that skirts for men are new in any capacity. Men have been wearing them for centuries, all the way back to the days of tartan kilts—and well before that, too. Even in modern men's fashion, designers have been pushing long, pleated, kilt-like designs for decades. Names like Raf Simons, Jean Paul Gaultier, and Rick Owens have sent male models in skirts down runways since the ‘90s. And in 2007, Thom Browne, who is now all but synonymous with “skirts for men,” sent his first male model in a skirt down the runway.

Brad Pitt wears Haans Nicholas Mott
 to the Bullet Train red
 carpet screening in Berlin.
What's changed is that a guy wearing a skirt no longer feels radical. Sure, sartorial envelope-pushers like A$AP Rocky and Kid Cudi have worn skirts. But so have comparatively reserved dressers like Oscar Isaac and Brad Pitt. In fact, so many celebrities, influencers, and early adopters have embraced the garment that it's (slowly) becoming, well, just normal.

“It wasn’t to make a statement,” Browne says of his first men's skirt. “It was something that felt right to me at the moment—a continued evolution of the gray suit in a new proportion and silhouette.”

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"I think, once newsworthy, skirts on men are now acceptable in more places," says Michael Fisher, the celebrity stylist behind Oscar Isaac's skirted Thom Browne look at the Moon Knight premiere last year. "The key is to own it."

"Menswear dress codes continue to loosen up and become more personal," says Fisher. "Skirts seem to pop up every few years in different forms—like wraps or kilts—but this time they are here to stay as a legit option."


My Note:  When I wear a skirt it is not to display a masculine version of the skirt.   My desire is to look feminine or at least have some feminine differential as when I wear jeans.  Although interesting and maybe a "breaking barriers" moment, I do not think this will do much for our transgender acceptance or androgynous fashion. Until toxic masculinity is seen for what it is, The Fascists Republican party will see this as just another liberal attack on manhood.        


  1. wondering how these men will adjust their skirts when sitting and will they keep their legs together

  2. Hope they keep their legs together. Otherwise that would take man spreading to a whole new different level 😳😳

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  4. I would like to see stores sell men’s skirts. I believe it would catch on a lot faster and more would wear them.