Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Sexual Differentiation - A Medical Discussion

The human hypothalamus: Relationship to gender identity and sexual orientation

My Note: The paragraphs below are an abstract from a Medical Journal's published article. The Science Digest link above will take you to more information and provide the option to purchase the PDF of the complete research paper; $31.50. 

This looks like important scientific research, debunking the "choice / hate scenario" of the political right. What I have shown below only scratches the surface of the research paper and even if I had available the whole article, I am not sure I could decipher it. Hopefully someone can help us understand more... 



Gender identity (an individual's perception of being male or female) and sexual orientation (heterosexuality, homosexuality, or bisexuality) are programmed into our brain during early development. During the intrauterine period in the second half of pregnancy, a testosterone surge masculinizes the fetal male brain. If such a testosterone surge does not occur, this will result in a feminine brain. As sexual differentiation of the brain takes place at a much later stage in development than sexual differentiation of the genitals, these two processes can be influenced independently of each other and can result in gender dysphoria. Nature produces a great variability for all aspects of sexual differentiation of the brain. Mechanisms involved in sexual differentiation of the brain include hormones, genetics, epigenetics, endocrine disruptors, immune response, and self-organization.

Furthermore, structural and functional differences in the hypothalamus relating to gender dysphoria and sexual orientation are described in this review. All the genetic, postmortem, and in vivo scanning observations support the neurobiological theory about the origin of gender dysphoria, i.e., it is the sizes of brain structures, the neuron numbers, the molecular composition, functions, and connectivity of brain structures that determine our gender identity or sexual orientation. There is no evidence that one's postnatal social environment plays a crucial role in the development of gender identity or sexual orientation.

...Permanent structural and functional differences in the brain resulting from the interaction of developing brain cells with genes, sex hormones, and other chemical compounds are the basis of sex differences in reproduction, gender role (behaving as a man or a woman in society), gender identity, and sexual orientation.


Up to the 1980s it was thought that a child's behavior was made male or female by postnatal social influences [or choice]. In the 1960s and 1970s this incorrect concept led to immediate operations of newborns with indeterminate sex organs, with the idea that the social influence would work best on gender identity when the environment was not in doubt. This misconception has ruined many lives due to ignorance of intrauterine sexual differentiation of the brain. The presence or absence of testosterone is a...


  1. the reference to a "surge" was also covered in an article in the WSJ about 10 years.The author was a Dept head at USC. For what it's worth I suspect that many of us have a partial surge which would explain a lot re: the intensity of gender dysphoria for us.
    Along the same line-it seems more and more that the brain is the key factor in what steers a person.The latest example among many is the new obesity drug which does not diminish hunger but works on a certain area of the brain that causes obesity. Also proven is that psychopaths are missing a certain area of the brain.Yet for us we are dismissed as being some kind of pervert or ALL the kids are just being influenced. This should eventually change (I hope)-emily

  2. The ancient Talmud speaks of 8 genders. Native Americans recognized it way back....called it two spirits. So it’s not a new thing. So now it’s a political thing. Both sides need to stop, don’t worry about it. Let people live their lives as they please and in peace.

  3. DES is a synthetic estrogen that was prescribed to pregnant women between the 1940s and 1970s to prevent miscarriages. However, it was later discovered that DES was associated with a variety of health issues, including increased risk of reproductive tract abnormalities and certain cancers in the offspring of those exposed. My mother took DES, I was swimming in a sea of estrogen

  4. My mother also took it after her first two miscarriages. I’m the oldest child. I am 5-10, small boned, small feet and hands, small head and uh hum. Very feminine face and I have boobs..a full 38 B. Both my brother and sister are much bigger then I am. My doctor has said that drug made me the way I am.